Digital Transformation – Major Challenge and Opportunity

Not so long ago, the 9th Dialogum Customer Experience Management Summit took place in Frankfurt. Topic of this year’s summit was how the progression of the digital transformation has shaped a company’s customer management as well as the customer experience.

​The Corvendor team (Reiner Rübel, Marketing Expert, Dr. Stefan Rüger, Professor of Multimedia and Information Systems and Achim Vetter, expert for Buying Centers) had the chance to discuss solutions and strategies for an effective digital transformation with 40 managers of major German and international companies a workshop.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rüger beim Dialogum Customer Experience Management Summit 2018

Terms like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain are terms most of us are familiar with and are phenomena that characterize the so called “digitalization”.

Achim Vetter beim Dialogum Customer Experience Management Summit 2018

“Big Data and AI applied to data which are gained by means of digital marketing are a good start. For organizations to be successful in transforming to a digital enterprise, there is a need to introduce cultural changes and implement new processes”. After talking to many companies at the Dialogum Customer Experience Management Summit and assessing customer needs, the Corvendor team takes this statement away as a key learning.

​Out-of-date CMS systems or the lack of an online presence as well as the lack of e-commerce platforms can pose a major risk to every business.

However, digital transformation done right can create unique market opportunities and make businesses more profitable and efficient. Real world examples for successful digital transformations as well as the utilization of new technologies to reach consumers can be found in many different industries.

With the fast-paced progression and implementation of digital technology in all areas of human society, managers these days are challenged to fundamentally alter most areas of their business processes to successfully deliver their goods or service to the consumer.

Reiner Rübel beim Dialogum Customer Experience Management Summit 2018

Image Credit:  With kind approval from Dialogum GmbH,