Data-driven campaigns
for success you can measure

Data-driven campaigns
for success you can measure

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Data – Knowledge – Campaigns – Success

Convert your customer data into customer knowledge and execute marketing campaigns without hiring.
Quickly increase customer value: acquire faster, retain longer, sell more.

Data Management

  • data creation, including target account segmentations (e.g. size, buying power)
  • classifications (customer engagement and journey)
  • buying center personas

Campaign Management

  • Development of demand generation processes
  • Planning weekly activities
  • Realization of the marketing campaigns

Performance Management

  • Individual reporting systems
  • KPIs of individual measures
  • Structured according to customer segments, sales territories and key customers

Marketing campaigns with measurable results

Your key challenges are

  • You want your activities to be based on informed decisions?
  • You are looking for tools to measure your business results?
  • You wish to improve your competitive edge step by step?

Corvendor will assist you to

  • Select your data sources and the right data within
  • Create your data platform
  • Assess the quality of your data
  • Enrich your data and prepare it for the process of data collection and analysis
  • Discover business-relevant patterns and rules in your data
  • Execute data-driven campaigns based on all these insights

You will achieve the following results

  • Get to know your customers better
  • Improve customer experience
  • Acquire new customers in a cost-optimized way
  • Prevent existing customers from leaving
  • Determine the value of loyal customers and increase it through cross-selling

Do you want to control your business processes optimally? Refining Smart Data makes it possible!

8 steps to increase customer value

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Segmentation: identifying and choosing accounts for your marketing campaigns

Segmentation is the first step for choosing targets. Depending on your specific objective (acquisition, retention, growth), we are going to target a set of accounts with certain criteria.

These criteria include whether you address existing or potentially new customers, company sizes, vertical industries and more demographic data. Your segmentation will get more focused by taking more factors into account.

We enrich your segmentation by predictive modelling.

The more complex your segmentation the smaller the size and the easier you will be able to reach the contacts in an individual way.

Persona: presenting the right content at the right time to the right audience through the right channel

We will put you in the position to personalize your messages when communicating with individuals. Personas are classified by certain criteria which they have in common: positions, gains, pains, communication channels.

We will create buyer personas by reviewing leads and customer profiles in your CRM, enrich data through data providers and talking to your sales department.


  • Content map: who is interested in which content?
  • Channel map: which personas are open to receive messages through which channels?
  • Customer journey map: which content satisfies best which level in the buying process?
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Data Platform: your central location for information upload and knowledge download

Why use data for in marketing?

  • You will replace instinctive and emotional decisions by informed decisions. This will make your marketing campaigns measurable and comparable.
  • Your data platform is the basis for individual messages, thus, will help to increase customer experience.

We support you with the following actions

  • Build a clean, robust and reliable contact database
  • Define a data model comprised of CRM, ERP, engagement and campaign data
  • Enrich with 3rd- party data
  • Your data platform will be ready for bespoke analysis, dashboards and visualization
  • Data activation for campaigns

KPIs: measuring the business impact of your marketing campaigns

KPIs will be defined and measured for your marketing campaigns

  • Marketing KPIs: counting events per time and cost per activity, e.g. clicks per day, webinar participants, cost per lead. Goals: reduce cost and increase the number of events. They will inform your marketing department about buyer behaviors in various channels.
  • Revenue KPIs: Newly created opportunities and marketing pipeline. This includes the break-down into pre-defined segments like verticals.
  • Operational KPIs: conversion of selected targets into leads. This tells you something about how well marketing operations (or whoever did the selection) is aligned with marketing. At the far end we will measure the rejection rate by sales.
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Blueprints: the architectural foundation for successful marketing campaigns

The blueprint of a campaign, or rather, the portfolio of all the blueprints of your campaigns are holding the pieces together. Over time all your campaign blueprints including planning and launching of your campaigns will have the same format.

Corvendor supports you in

  • Preparing a detailed project plan for individual campaigns. This will include content / audience mapping, targets, resources, cost and, timing.
  • The individual plans combined to form a helicopter view of all activities

Individual plans are for marketing to successfully execute. The big picture demonstrates how your organization’s strategic goals are aligned with the go-to-market setup.

Scoring: watch your universe expand

Scoring means giving points to contacts and accounts and measure the changes before and after the activity.

Adding points are triggered by engagements like the download of a white paper or participation in a webinar. The scoring value will then further depend on characteristics such as size / potential / propensity of an account or contact.

The increase of the total score for all the participants of a campaign is a direct measure for the success. It puts you in the position to compare the impact of a campaign with respect to a goal like acquisition or growth.

Scoring also serves the purpose of “what to do next” (nurturing). Example: have a contact called by telemarketing once she reached a pre-defined threshold.

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Dashboards: visualizing your success

The art of data preparation is to identify the five most important metrics to focus on. These are universally applied to all campaigns. The weekly success compared to the plan and key metrics present the details of your segments: customer ratings, industries, channels, regions.

NB: Deep market understanding is the foundation of an efficient visualization!

Analytics: making more business sense out of your data

Analytics is about turning your data into knowledge. Analytics is also referred to as business intelligence (BI), predictive modelling, data mining, etc.

We will detect rules and patterns in your data. The findings will support you in understanding your customers and the markets better and thus target the right audience by your marketing activities. It is imperative to understand that there is more to it:

  • It is a cyclic business process: the learnings from existing data will motivate action. The actions will create more data.
  • Mathematical expertise is equally important as the business/marketing expertise
  • We deploy a good portion of often-underestimated creativity
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The benefits of a Corvendor marketing campaign

Tailored presentations of your results that visualize your metrics and measure pipeline / revenue

Closer coordination between your sales and marketing departments

Continuous supply of high quality leads  to your sales team

Increase the return on investment through continuous learning and adjustments in the planning and execution cycles

An optimized mix of strategic, tactical and operational metrics to make the budget profitable